Board Kings How To Not Lose Money

Board Kings is a game that is taking the world by storm. It’s been a huge hit in places like Japan, Korea and China for some time now, but more recently it has started to gain popularity in Australia too. We’re seeing board game cafes popping up everywhere with games such as Pandemic, Catan and other co-op or team games all on the menu.

These are all wonderful games that are great to play with friends or family members. However, they do have their limitations. If you want something a little different, where you can compete against others rather than work together as a team… then you should check out Board Kings! So let’s get into how you can beat Board Kings and not lose money!

How to beat Board Kings

Before we go into how to beat Board Kings, let’s first try to understand how it works. First, you spin the Wheel of Fortune and try to get 3 or more of the same symbols. You get 10 times your bet for each symbol that you land on. Then, you place the tiles you are dealt with on the board.

You earn points based on the position your tiles are in. The closer they are to the center, the more points you earn. If you have the most tiles in one section, you earn even more points! Finally, you take the cards that are in front of you. If you have a “Wild” card, you can use that to replace any card in front of you and vice versa.

How to not lose money while playing Board Kings

If you’re worried about losing money while playing Board Kings, don’t fret. It’s actually pretty easy to beat Board Kings and not lose money! There are actually a few ways to do this. First, try to sit at a table that has a lower minimum bet. If the table minimum is $10, then you’ve got a much better chance of not losing money than if the minimum bet is $60! Next, try to get into a game with people who aren’t too competitive.

Those who are more casual are less likely to bet large amounts and bet more conservatively. Finally, try to get into a game with a lower house edge. Board Kings has a house edge of about 1% which isn’t too bad, but there are a few other games out there with much lower house edges.

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How To Get More Money On Board Kings?

If you want to get more money playing Board Kings, then you need to focus on the tiles. Whoever has the most tiles will earn the most points and therefore win the most gold. So, how do you get the most tiles? Well, first you need to make sure you are placing them in the correct position. You want to place tiles that earn you the most points, but also tiles that are hard for other people to place their tiles on.

Here are a few tips to help you do this. – If you can, try to get the 5-point tile in the center of the board. It is worth more than any other tile and the person who gets to the center first will have a huge advantage. – If you don’t get a center tile, try to place a tile that will be hard for other people to get rid of. A tile that is blocked in by other tiles is much harder to place tiles on. – Try to get tiles on the outside of the board. These tiles won’t be in the way of other people and will be easier for you to place new tiles on.

Tips for beating Board Kings and winning the most gold

– If you get a “Wild” card, use it as soon as possible. This is one of the few ways that you can instantly take control of a section and instantly get lots of points. – If you see that someone is quickly getting a ton of points, try to keep tiles in their way. This will slow them down and give you more time to get points. – If you’re playing with people who are too competitive, don’t be afraid to bet small. If you bet a lot, you’ll likely get booted from the table.

If you bet small, you’ll last longer without burning through your money. – Try to get an idea of how much money everyone at the table has. If you can, try to stay under that so that others don’t notice. – Try to be the last person to spin the wheel. You’ll have a better idea of where the more valuable tiles are and can try to avoid them.

Summing up

Board Kings is a fun and exciting game that is easy to pick up and play. It’s a game where you earn points based on where your tiles are placed on a board. Whoever has the most points wins the most gold. There are some ways you can increase your chances of winning, such as spinning a better tile, placing your tiles in the right spot, and knowing when to bet big or small.

If you want to beat Board Kings and not lose money, these tips will help you do just that! Now that you know how to beat Board Kings, you can head to your nearest board game cafe and try it out for yourself. Be sure to use these tips to help you win the most gold possible!

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