Board Kings Free Gems And Rolls Cheats 2022

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Board Kings Cheats for Free Rolls and Gems

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How To Hack Board Kings Without Human Verification?

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How To Get Gems In Board Kings?

In BoardKings, gems are the premium money. They may be used to buy idols, landmarks, currency, dice, and additional police, among other things. It may also be used to escape from prison.

Here are several legal methods to gain Board Kings free gems:

  1. Collect from Bunnies.
  2. Earn from landing on the Townhall (on any board).
  3. Earn from landing on a purple gem space on a friend’s board
  4. Redeem daily rewards.
  5. Invite friends.
  6. Purchase with real money.
  7. Use Board Kings cheat codes.
  8. Use Board Kings gems hack.

Board Kings Cheat Codes 2022

April 2022 Board Kings Free Rolls

  • boardkingsfree: 100 rolls.
  • boardkingsbonus: 20 rolls.
  • boardkingsaprilgift: 50 rolls.

May 2022 Board Kings Free Gems

  • boardkingsfreegems: 200 gems.
  • boardkingsunlimitedgems: 500 gems.

August 2022 Board Kings Unlimited Rolls

  • boardkingsrolls: 1000 rolls.
  • boardkingsfriend: 200 rolls.
  • boardkingsgift: 500 rolls.

How to enter cheat codes in Board Kings?

To enter cheat codes for Board Kings, simply go to the Setting icon on the right corner of the screen. Choose the “Enter Gift Code” button and input your cheat codes. Now, press “Redeem”. If the cheat codes are still available, you will receive rewards immediately.

Board Kings Review

What Is Board Kings?

Board Kings is a multiplayer board game that tests your strategy, skill, and ability to bluff and outsmart your opponents. Think of it as a virtual version of Risk or Stratego. You play as one of seven different “Kings” and compete against up to six friends or computer opponents in an attempt to capture their pieces and reduce them to utter defeat.

You win by capturing all of the other players, so they have no legal moves left on the board. This can be achieved through cunning strategies or just by chance if you’re lucky enough. You might not have heard of Board Kings before, but this is not its first appearance.

How To Play Board Kings?

The gameplay of Board Kings is simple and straightforward. Each player starts with 10 pieces, placed on the game board in their respective home “kingdom” space. The idea is to capture as many enemy pieces as possible by moving your own pieces onto enemy territories.

This can be done by moving one piece at a time in a straight line from one space to the next, capturing any enemy pieces on the way. Once you have captured an enemy piece, it moves to your home board and becomes your new piece.

You can then move it at any time, including right back to the space it came from, or to capture a different piece. You can even use it to take over your “kingdom” space, though this would mean you have lost the game and are effectively the last person standing.

How To Get Board Kings?

Welcome to Board Kings, a multiplayer board game in which you may construct and enhance your own board while simultaneously visiting your friends’ boards and attacking their structures. It’s never been so much fun to play with your friends and family! Get it now on Google Play and App Store!


Board Kings is the perfect game for you if you enjoy strategy games, multiplayer games, having fun with friends, and if you have the patience to learn how to play better. It’s a great way to pass the time with friends or family and test your strategic skills. Use our Board Kings cheats free rolls and gems to help you play this game all day long!

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